St Edmund’s has multiple college societies which run throughout the year. Here is some information on the current societies and clubs.

Boat Club


SECBC is a rowing club for the students and fellows of St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge. Even though some of our members are very experienced rowers, having rowed for their schools, university clubs and other clubs, most rowers are home-grown; they started rowing when coming to study in the college, went through the novice programme and progressed to higher boats. The club has both men’s and women’s crews, and opportunities for the experienced, as well as a novice training programme. Most novices start in the beginning of Michaelmas term, but it is possible to start rowing also later in the academic year. The club is governed by the committee, chaired by the President. The various crews are operated by their captains. The senior treasurer, Dr. George Gordon, is in charge of the club finances. For more information please contact

Looking to set up a College club/society?

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