Freshers’ Week 2017

The schedule for Freshers’ Week 2017 is available here . Please check back in the run up to October, as well as checking your Cambridge email account. The CR committee will be sending out emails throughout August, as the new students’ list gets more and more complete. There is a Facebook Group Eddie’s People 2017-2018 which freshers are encouraged to join!

Mandatory College events begin on Friday 29th September 2017. Please arrive in College by this date if at all possible.

If you have been successful to obtain College accommodation, you can move from Wednesday 27th September 2017.  Continuing students are asked not to arrive before Friday 29th September 2017. New students, if possible, please time your arrival during normal College office hours, which are 8am –5pm Monday to Friday. The reception will have a porter available all weekend.  There will be a CR organised Helpdesk to guide new students in the first moments after their arrival.

If you need to move in earlier, you MUST email in advance to see if this is possible.

For other information please see the Freshers’ Guide.

If you have any further queries please contact