Financial Information

With the beginning of term, for the many international students coming to St Edmund’s there are likely to be several practical issues on your mind. One of these will be opening a bank account upon your arrival in the UK.

Opening a bank account shortly after your arrival is important. You will receive a bill from College at the beginning of term which is due for payment (in GBP) within 14 days otherwise interest charges will be added. For more information about this, please see

During the first few weeks of term, banks in Cambridge can be incredibly busy due to many people trying to open accounts. This can lead to long queues and delays due to specific requirements for each bank regarding paperwork.

To help new students with the process of opening bank account, the CR is organising that several bank representatives will come to College on the first week that you’re here. Students will be able to open their accounts there and then, using a standard set of paperwork and minimal queuing.

Invited Banks

More information available in September

What you need to bring

To open an account, you will need to bring:

  • Your passport or EU ID card
  • Your visa (if applicable)
  • The College letter confirming admission which you should receive on your arrival at College (or can be obtained from the Tutorial Office)
  • Proof of your home address e.g. bank statement, utility bill etc.