The CR has two punts – the Richard Laws and the Edmund of Abingdon – which are moored in St John’s College and are available for use by student members of the College in the summer months. The maintenance and running costs of the punts comes directly from the CR fee.

Booking the Punts

To book the punts, visit the CR BOOKING PORTAL.

Punts can be reserved up to 7 days in advance for up to 4 hours per day. Each person is only permitted to make one reservation per day. The punts are available from 8am-8pm. You cannot set off after dark even if you can reserve for this time.

To reserve a punt, you will need to log in to the portal, select ‘Punts’ from the drop-down menu at the top if it isn’t already selected. Here you can see the availability of both punts. To make a booking, click and drag over your chosen time slot for either punt. The ‘Create a new reservation’ page will then open. Check that your chosen times are correct, and hit ‘Create’.

Important: You will not receive a confirmation email unless you change your ‘Notification Settings’ under the ‘My Account’ tab. It is recommended that you change these settings, so you can show the St John’s porters your confirmation email

Please cancel any reservations which you do not intend to use.


You should automatically be added to the booking system at the start of the year but if you have problems, please contact the Punt Admiral (cr-punts@st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk).


Fellows, staff and other members of College may request to use the CR punts. These and any other special booking requests should be directed to the CR Punt Admiral (punts@st-edmunds-cr.co.uk) so that your CRSid can be added to the booking system.

Collecting the Punts

Before your reservation:

  1. Collect the punt cushions and a paddle from the St Edmund’s Reception desk.
  2. Collect the punt keys from the St John’s rear porters lodge in Cripps Court (the ‘PL’ next to number 20 on the map of St John’s). You must show your University Card and a proof of booking (either printed out or on your phone). 
  3. Collect the punt from the moorings in the Cripps Quay (behind the porters lodge). The St Edmund’s punts are in moorings Z10 and Z11 on the far side of the quay. If in doubt, ask the Porter to give you directions. Please make sure you take the punt you booked.



When arriving at the punts, they should both contain:

  1. A punt pole (this may be on the bank above the quay)
  2. A padlock – this goes through the chain to keep the punt locked to the bank. It is recommended to leave this locked to the hook on the mooring station. It significantly reduces the risk of losing the padlock!

If you are using the punts after a period of rain, keep in mind that they are likely to contain water! There should be a bucket at the quay to bail the water out.

Returning the Punts

Please make sure you return the punts back to St John’s on time and ensure you leave enough time to do so. It is unfair on the next person who has a reservation if they have to wait for you to return.

When returning the punts, please make sure:

  1. You return them on time!
  2. The punts are returned to the correct mooring stations. These are clearly marked inside the back of the punts in black plastic lettering. If there is already another punt on your station (and it isn’t the other St Edmund’s punt) please inform the St John’s porters.
  3. All equipment is locked to the punts/through the chain.
  4. Make sure the punt is secured to the bank – a good tug on the chain should check this.
  5. Take all of your rubbish with you.
  6. Return the key to the St Johns Cripps Court porters lodge.
  7. Take all of the punt cushions out of the boat and return them along with the paddle to the Reception in St Edmund’s. They cannot be left at St John’s.

If there are problems

  • If when trying to book a punt you are told you need to be a member of St Edmund’s and you are, please contact the Punt Admiral (cr-punts@st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk) including your name and CRSid. Although most student names get added at the beginning of the year, some get missed and staff and fellows names are usually only added on request.
  • Sometimes things do get damaged/lost when punting. If you do lose any equipment or there is any damage to the punt, please report it as soon as possible to the Punt Admiral. This allows people with later reservations to be notified if there is a problem.
  • Please understand that failing to comply with the above may result in you being prevented from hiring punts in the future; especially if that involves quarrels with John’s porters, coming back late or not reporting damaged equipment!

Quick Reference

  1. Booking – this is done online up to 7 days in advance.
  2. Punt cushions – these can be collected from Reception in St Edmund’s before your reservation, and should be returned here immediately afterwards.
  3. Punt keys – the punts are stored in Cripps Court in St John’s and the keys can be collected from the back porters lodge in John’s (behind the St John’s Chop House).
  4. Keep to time – It is unfair on people with later reservations if you return the punts late.
  5. Keep the punts tidy – take any rubbish with you. Don’t make other people have to tidy up your mess.
  6. If there is any equipment missing or damaged, please let the Punt Admiral know as soon as possible.