St. Edmund’s College has 2 Libraries, the Main Library (in the Library Building) and the Norfolk Library, on the 2nd floor in the Norfolk Building.

Main Library

The library building provides a splendid study facility over two floors. The first floor houses books and reference material on open shelves, and a second floor provides a comfortable study area equipped with computers and data points for laptops. The first floor also include two smaller private study rooms, which can be booked via the Tutorial Office.

The acquisitions policy is to add useful works of reference to the collection of books, which have been given or bought over the years, and, where possible, to provide core textbooks where students indicate a need. The library holdings are listed in the Union Catalogue of Libraries in the University, which can be accessed online from the library or your own computer at .

Can’t find the book you need?

St Edmund’s is a small college, and hence we cannot cater for every literary desire. If we don’t have the book you need on the shelves, here are your options:

  • Fill in an online request form for us to buy the book. Your request will be assessed and if deemed a suitable addition the book should be available within 2 weeks for you to borrow.
  • Admitedly, if your book is specialised, it is unlikely that we will be able to purchase it. In this case search on the Cambridge Library systems (Newton) to see if the book is within the University.
  • If it is in the UL you should be able to access it without difficulty.
  • If it is in another College/Department, you must contact that College directly and ask if you can access it.
  • If the book is not within the system or it’s a journal, please fill in an Inter Library Loan form from the UL.  They will then source it from a non-Cambridge library.  There is a charge for this service
  • You can visit the British Library in London.  It is a 5 minute walk from Kings Cross Station where the Cambridge trains terminate.  Even if you don’t need a book, just go there and soak up the literary love.

* LibatCam photos – this group has put up some lovely new pictures of the library.

Norfolk Library

In addition to the Main Library, which primarily houses academic resources, the CR also manages the Norfolk Library, which is more informal in atmosphere and contains books mainly for pleasure reading. Located on the 2nd floor of the Norfolk Building, it contains several computers, as well as a set of couches and a water filtering machine.

The CR has an online catalogue of all books currently in the Library on GoodReads (friend us!). You can sign out books by filling out a line in the checkout book on the top right of the bookshelf, and borrow books for a maximum length of 3 weeks (at which you can re-checkout books if you are not done reading).

All the books are chosen by you, members of the CR! We order books every month following the requests of the CR body–you can request a book by filling in the online form. If we get more requests than our budget, we’ll open the selection up to an informal ballot at the end of the month.


There is a vast library of entire books available via the UL’s e-book scheme. This allows you to read selected books online for free. So now you don’t even have to come to the library for books. Most books will be shown to be an e-book when you search for them on the normal ‘Newton Catalogue’, however due to licensing issues many are not, so its worth checking the ebook list as well. e.g. many of the vet and medic books are accessed through Wiley Publishers website and the books are not shown on Newton (helpful I know!).

To see the list of e-books go here and click on the book you want. You may need to enter your Raven log-in details.

Vets and medics go here for Wiley books as well.

The system is not very user friendly, but its growing and maturing so please use it to show we want to keep it! As always, any questions email me

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the library, please contact the Student Librarian at or the College Librarian Ms Susanne Jennings (scj22).

We are always happy to consider adding new books to our collection that
are related to your studies here at College. Please fill in the online form
below and we’ll be in touch when we have assessed your request.

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