Gym & Sports

The college gym is located in the basement of the Library Building. Being on-site, the gym is conveniently located for college members to work out after a hard day in the department!

The gym includes:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Fitted stereo with iPod dock
  • One treadmills
  • Two rowing machines
  • Cage/squat rack
  • Bench press
  • A variety of bars and weights
  • Large selection of dumbells
  • Exercise mats
  • Exercise balls

There are some Gym rules…

  1. Do not give anyone else access to use the gym with your card.
  2. The gym door should be closed when training and the air conditioning should be switched on.
  3. Weights should be removed from bars at the end of training and returned to the rack.
  4. Dumbells should be put back on the rack in the correct location.
  5. Any damage must be reported immediately.
  6. You are using the gym of your own free will and as such, College and the CR takes no liability for any injuries sustained or damage caused.

For suggestions or concerns regarding the gym contact the Sports Officer at

Looking to get access to the gym?

The gym is open to all college members, but you need to have your student card activated to access it. To do this, download the Gym-Awareness-Form and return a signed copy to the Facilities Manager in Reception, who will then activate your card.


St Edmund’s College has a number of active sports societies which play recreationally and participate in competitive intercollegiate events. Beginners and experienced players alike are always welcomed and encouraged to take part. Contacts can be found on the list of college societies here.