The college offers access to both computing and printing facilities, as well providing network connections in all student rooms and wifi on site. These are in addition to the services provided by the University Computing Service (e.g. Raven, Hermes etc.)

Just Arrived? How to get started

Before arriving in Cambridge, there is very little you can do with your IT accounts as they can only be activated from within the Cambridge University network. So while you can find out your email address before hand (undergrad/postgrad), you won’t be able to access it until you arrive in Cambridge.

The main thing you need to know about IT is that there are two different types of account you will deal with while in Cambridge. You have your main central university accounts (Hermes, Raven, PWF) and also your college account. Then of course, there is the internet connection in your room which is also managed by the college IT Staff. These three types of things are completely separate and should be set up as follows:

Internet connection in your room

All rooms in college have a standard ethernet connection into the college network and on to the internet. You can either bring your own cable or there will be plenty available from reception for £3 each.

Once here, simply plugin in your computer to the ethernet connection (make sure it’s using DHCP – if you don’t know what this means, it probably is!) and you’ll be prompted to enter some details. Hit the submit form and the information will be sent to the college IT staff who will then add your computer to the network although this may take up to 48 hours (or longer at weekends!) during the busy period when everyone is arriving. During this period, you can use the college wifi as you should receive your login details when you arrive in college (see below).

NOTE: There is a one of connection charge for the internet in your room. The cost is outlined in the Blue Book (is around £40 for the year) and will be added to your college bill.

The College IT System (including wireless)

The college has several public access computers available both in the library and top floor of the Norfolk Building. You should receive a letter with your username (this should be the same as your central university one) and password on when you first arrive in college and check-in. It is STRONGLY recommended that you change your password to something you’ll remember when you log on to these machines for the first time.

Your college username and password also give you access to the college wifi network so you should be able to have internet access in most (if not all) public areas straight away. Once you have your university wide accounts set up (see below) you’ll be able to use the eduroam network too.

If you have any problems with either your username/password, you don’t receive a letter or you notice a problem with any IT facilities in college, please contact either the CR IT Officer or the College IT Staff (see further down the page for details).

University Wide Accounts

Once within the Cambridge network, you will be able to activate your university wide accounts. This can be done from any connection within the university i.e. from your room in college, on the college computers, on college wifi or from within your department. To do this, visit where you’ll need to fill in your details.

NOTE: The initial passwords will be ridiculously complex to force you to change them – take a piece of paper and write them down so that you can then go and change them.

IT Support

The college IT systems and network are managed by Espen Koht (IT manager) and Howard Cole (IT support assistant) who can be contacted by email, phone on (01223) 336110 or by going to the IT office in the Norfolk Building.

Useful Links

Computers in College

The college has two locations for computing facilities:

  • The Norfolk Library located on the second floor of the Norfolk Building – 3 PCs running Windows XP, 3 iMacs running Mac OSX, Scanner, Black & White Printer
  • Library (Level 4) – 3 PCs running Windows XP, 4 iMacs running Mac OSX, Photocopier/Colour printer (Level 3).

All machines have access to the standard suite of software including Microsoft Office.


Printing can be done from any of the computer rooms in college or from students room ( For help with printing from your room, see

Black printing is charged at a cost of 4p per side. Printing both sides is charged at 3p.

Colour printing is charged at a cost of 16p per side.