Accommodation within College

The College has three main accomodation buildings, and five different room categories depending on their characteristics. Rent is invoiced quarterly and is expected to be paid up to 14 days after the date of the invoice.

Room Categories

Category 1 – Small study bedroom with washbasin, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 2 – Medium study bedroom with washbasin, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 3 – Larger study bedroom, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 4 – Largest study bedroom with shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 5 – Ensuite bedroom of varying sizes.

Norfolk Building

The main college building, this includes study bedrooms in categories 1 to 3.

Richard Laws Building

This building includes bedrooms in category 4.

Brian Heap Building

This building includes bedrooms in category 5.

The White Cottage

This small cottage located at the entrance of the college includes bedrooms in category 3-4.

Accommodation outside College

Unfortunately, the College cannot provide housing for all the students it brings in. This is a perennial problem and means that you may be one of those who may not have a place to live when you get here. The situation is being addressed with the College and will hopefully be resolved soon – the college has recently doubled in size and over 90% of students are given accommodation if they wish (far more than other colleges)!
In the time being, don’t worry! There are several avenues for you to take if you need to look for accommodation outside the college. This webpage is designed to provide information to students seeking accommodation outside college.

  • Students should arrange for accommodation prior to the start of term because it becomes more difficult to obtain suitable accommodation around the start of term.
  • Those who need to arrive earlier in order to secure accommodation are welcome request temporary accommodation from the college. Students may be provided a room temporarily if they request it early and arrange to be out of the accommodation prior to the start of term to allow preparation for students allocated rooms during term. (AGAIN the earlier the better). To arrange this, contact the tutorial office ASAP.
  • If renting out of college, keep in mind that landlords may require a month’s rent or more as a deposit in addition to the first month’s rent. Students consider this when arranging their finances prior to arriving at Cambridge.
  • Mostlandlords require proof of ID (an ID with your photo on it) and address (a bill with your permanent address i.e. Your home address). {This will be useful to you for opening a bank account as well}. Private letting agents also charge an application fee and often a charge for services rendered. Others may require a letter from the college/ reference letter which can be obtained once your offer has been finalized from the tutorial office.
  • If you are aware of your arrival date, try contacting letting agents and accommodation offices to make appointments (details are on this website) to prevent any delay.
  • For students living out, make sure you review your rent agreement with your landlord and that you conduct a thorough walk-through prior to signing anything. Ensure your landlord notes any and all discrepancies in writing.
  • If you feel you are being discriminated against or are uneasy with the rental agreement, contact your tutor or the Welfare Officer to help you find legal aid.

 Swirles Court

The college has recently acquires a number of rooms in the North Cambridge development site called Swirles Court. Information for these rooms can be found at

University Accommodation Service

The University provides the University Accommodation Office with site on:

Kellet Lodge,
Tennis Court Road,

Their office hours are: 0900-1245 and 1400-1645.

This office will help you find rooms to let. You can also search online, the Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board is very helpful. This notice board is updated constantly by the University Accommodation Service.
For University property enquiries please telephone 01223 333316. For all general enquiries on renting in the private sector or letting a property, or for more information on the Newcomers and Visiting Scholars please telephone: 01223 338099.

Private Accommodation

Useful web links:

The CR hopes that you have your housing situation well in hand by the time that you arrive in Cambridge. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any problem and we will try to help!