Your CR Committee

Here are the current (2017/2018) members of the CR Committee.

Executive Committee

President (

As President, it is my job to organise the committee to serve your needs as a student of the college. This includes organising activities and events throughout the year, as well as taking your concerns and ideas to the higher levels of college administration. We hope to make your experience here memorable and enriching.

The CR committee is a body that exists FOR students and is answerable to students. As such, I am determined to make the committee completely open and accessible to all students. If you have any concern or suggestion, please feel free to approach me in person or drop me an email.

Vice-President (

As the CR Vice-president I am tasked with ensuring that student concerns and initiatives are brought before the CR committee for assistance and advice. As such, I am continuously attuned to the concerns and ideas of students in St. Edmund’s College, thereby improving the CR committee’s ability to cater to student interests and well-being. In addition I serve as substitute for the CR President when he is unavailable.

Because my primary concern is to improve student life and cater to the student voice in college, I strongly encourage you to approach me with any ideas or initiatives that you would like to push forward. I will make sure you receive the support you need.

Treasurer (

Primarily my work involves making sure that all CR expenses are paid, and making sure that societies receive funding and can successfully claim their expenses. I also draw up the CR budget at the beginning of the academic year and represent the CR to college administration in regards to financial matters.If you have any questions or queries about CR finances or other money matters in college or Cambridge, drop me an email.

Secretary (

As the CR Secretary, I am responsible for organising CR meetings and the recording of their minutes to ensure that, we as a Committee, can efficiently work together to improve and maintain student life here at Eddies. It is my job to circulate those minutes as well as informing our student body of notices and any information on events that are taking place in and outside of College. These may be CR bops, seminar talks and/or any career and development opportunities, and are disseminated through a weekly bulletin.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or suggestions for the CR and/or College, and I will do my best to make sure it is brought to the attention of the relevant person.

Welfare Officer (

As the Welfare Officer, we work closely with members of the CR extended committee to organise events and take actions so as to engage everyone in the college, and make the college a better environment for work and play for everyone. Do contact us, or anyone in the committee, if you have any suggestions/ideas/notice something that can be improved, and we will do our best to help.

We are also the student point of contact should you be struggling with any problems while at St Edmund’s, so feel free to approach us (or your tutor) and we’ll always be happy to provide a listening ear and to direct you to the appropriate channels to seek help from.

Extended Committee

Bar Steward (

We are responsible for the running of the best bar in Cambridge (ours, obv), making sure that we have a good range of (very cheap) drinks and generally making the bar a great place to be. We’re completely staffed by student volunteers, which means we can keep prices low and the atmosphere great! If you’d like to get involved, please email us and we’ll arrange training. Then you can open the bar whenever you like!

We’re open 7.30 to 11 every day, except for Friday and Saturday when we close at midnight, and a few special occasions when we close a bit later, like bops.

Entertainment Officers (

Our job is to bring out the fun in your studies! We organise all sorts of events and bops – that’s parties in Cambridge slang! During the terms, Cambridge students often feel that they are drowning in their work so we are here to make sure that this will not happen to you! In short, our aim is for you to have fun while being a student here at Eddie’s! We are very happy to listen to your suggestions about events and you can always find us in college or contact us via email about what you would like us to organise for you!

Environmental Officer (

Living in a changing world with varying weather patterns gives us a feeling that it’s overwhelming big to contribute to sustainability. We may not solve the global issues but as Eddies, we can contribute to the solution.
1. Should we have a Switch Off Campaign, or Lights Posters?
2. Do you have a recycling bin in your student room?
3. What annoys you around you?
I’m here to ensure you have a safe, clean and green environment. Come talk to me and share your ideas!

Charity Officer (

The main objective of this job is to create avenues for the college to give back to the community, particularly to those who need it the most. So from organizing charity events to informing college about volunteering and fundraising opportunities; I am the go-to person for anyone looking to transform their good intentions into actions!
I’m always open to suggestions so please come find me if you know of any worthwhile causes or have creative ideas for charity events.

Academic Officer (

My duty is to support Eddies in their cultural and professional growth through a variety of intellectual  stimuli that may help them expand their knowledge, widen their mind and add tools to their academic skill-set on the path to achieve academic excellence.

This translates in organizing talks, conferences, workshops, etc. or less conventional events like quiz nights or informal discussions on a wide range of topics.
Please come to me with whatever suggestion, need or complaint you might feel could help you better succeed in your studies.

Punt Admiral (

Music Officer (

External Officer (

IT Officer (

Welfare Team, presided by the Welfare Officer

Women’s Officer (

My role as Women’s officer is to look after the interests of women in college and make sure that they feel safe and valued. It also includes sending out information on awareness events by the CUSU Women’s Campaign and Union’s Women’s officer. I am trying to organize aerobics classes and social events catering to the interests of women in college. I also want to organize talks on different female related issues faced by women around the world. If you have any ideas or if there is any thing you want to bring forward feel free to contact me!

 LGBT Officer (

My job is to make the life of LGBT students at St Edmund’s stress-free and fun! I’ll be organising events throughout the year, so keep an eye on your CR bulletin emails for details. I’m also part of the welfare team, so if you have any concerns, you want to discuss anything or you’d like to report something that’s happened to you in college, the wider university, or in Cambridge generally, you can come to me confidentially.

International Officer (

As the CR International Officer, my main work is to provide support and advice to all the international students.

Families Officer (



Swirles Court Representatives

In addition to these roles, for the academic years of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 the committee has chosen to appoint two representatives for the students living in the new accommodation blocks in Swirles Court.