Welcome to St. Edmund's College Boat Club

SECBC is a rowing club for the students and fellows of St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge. Click here for more details.


New Committee

Another was closed off by the club AGM on Saturday evening ahead of the Sports Dinner. The committee for 2011/12 was elected.

President Hannah Varley hfc27@cam.ac.uk
Secretary Anna-Maria Trofaier amat2@cam.ac.uk
Men's Captain John Moriarty jjm55@cam.ac.uk
Women's Captain Fiona Christie fcc25@cam.ac.uk

New Social Secretary for 2011/2012

Our new social secretary from this term is Tessa de Roo. If you're looking for a swap, contact her:

Social Secretary Tessa de Roo tfd22@cam.ac.uk

May Bumps Results

May Bumps finished on Saturday, 18th June. Final results:

Crew W Th F S Overall
Men's 1st VIII -1 0 0 0 -1
Women's VIII -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
Men's 2nd VIII +1 +1 0 +1 +3

New Social Secretary for Easter 2011

Our new social secretary from this term is Jonas von Hoffmann. If you're looking for a swap, contact him:

Social Secretary Jonas von Hoffmann jv314@cam.ac.uk

Lent Bumps Results

Lent Bumps are gone for another year. The final results are:

Crew Tu W Th F S Overall
Men's VIII 0/0 0 +1 0* 0 +1
Women's VIII +1/+1 +1 +1 0 +4

*technical row-over

New Social Secretary

A new addition to the Senior Crew and the Committee is Jesper, our Social Secretary. If you're interested in having a swap with one of our crews, please get in touch:

Social Secretary Jesper Hoeg Gerlich jhg29@cam.ac.uk

New Committee and Constitution

The club AGM was held on Saturday evening. There was a unanimous vote to ratify the constitution prepared by Henno, the outgoing club president. It will be uploaded here in due course. The club can now be affiliated with ARA, allowing us to row in ARA events off Cam.

In addition, the committee for 2010/11 was elected.

President Vincent Bourret vjrb2@cam.ac.uk
Secretary Tessa de Roo tfd22@cam.ac.uk
Men's Captain Phil McArthur peam2@cam.ac.uk
Women's Captain Alice Herreboudt ah607@cam.ac.uk


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